miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

5 excuses to not use Authentic Materials

What a week it has been and its only Wednesday! The students are crazy about the upcoming spring break, I am desperately trying to get all of my grading caught-up in anticipation of the break, and on top of it all, like all teachers, I am attempting to develop good lessons.

For those that read my blog, you know that I truly believe in using authentic materials in the classroom, so this post is a bit facetious, yet, I can come-up with several excuses as to why I don't always use authentic materials in the classroom (as much as I wish that I did). So here are my top 5 excuses:

1) Time time and more time- finding authentic materials and developing appropriate tasks to accompany them is well nothing short of time consuming.

2) Appropriateness- many of the materials or songs that I think teens would love have drugs, gangs, sex, or other information that I simply cannot use or show in my classroom.

3) Language level- I can't find anything that my Spanish I and II students can realistically gain from

4) I'm Tired- yep I said it. Although every language teacher that I have ever met seems to have an incredible amount of energy, even compared to our peers who teach other subjects, sometimes, I am tired.

5) Lack of Creativity- I can't think of any new task to accompany an authentic text, and if the task isn't worthwhile then neither is the text.

These are my top five excuses. What are yours? What do you do when you have no more time or energy to find the text that you want to use?

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