domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

No Grass Picking! A Self-Reflection

Quite a few years now, I worked at a summer camp, where I had the opportunity to lead small groups of kids in activities. I remember one summer, I vowed to myself that the kids would all be so involved in the activities that I had planned that not a single one of them would pick grass, in that distracted fashion that children do. So, I had my challenge, and I am pleased to say that I met it! I was able to plan activities that kept the kids so occupied and engaged that not a single one of them picked at the grass.

As I think about my lesson plans for the rest of the year, while acknowledging that this time of year students often become distracted and less interested in school, and instead they become more interested in spring activities and the end of the school year. So, as I reflect on the challenge I gave my younger self, I realized that I could issue an even greater one. Can I design lesson plans that keep students so engaged and interested that they don't pause to check their cell phone, or wander off the web page that they are looking at to check their email, facebook, twitter, etc. Can I design and revamp lessons such that there is no "grass picking" for the remainder of the year?

What are your end of year goals?

I have add to this post to note that thus far in the week, I have failed at my goal. The screens continue to beat me. I will have to keep working!

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