viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Navidad activities

I am currently participating in an All I won for Christmas giveaway! So, I will tell you a bit about the product in the giveaway. This giveaway is being hosted by 

There are 68 different items that were donated from 60 teachers on TPT. This give-away looks super cute! It is a bit more focused on primary school education, but if you are a secondary teacher don't worry because  I am participating in another give-away that is exclusively a middle/secondary blog hop, which you can read about in my next post!

I donated my Navidad y más for this giveaway. I always want to include some celebration of the holiday season into my lesson plans without losing sight of my teaching goals. One of my goals is to address the Comparison standard of ACTFL. The first two activities in this packet are meant to allow students to both share about their own holiday traditions and compare their traditions with another student's. Additionally, students do a webquest to learn about the holiday traditions of another country. The webquest also allows me to discuss generalizations with the students and emphasize that articles talk about the majority of the people from the author's view-point, and that not every person in the country is going to have the same traditions, just as not every student in the classroom shares every tradition. This item also address a more superficial type of learning and that is learning and using the vocabulary that relates to the holiday season. There is a page that includes pictures and words to assist students with their discussion of the holiday activities. Finally this activity also includes two mad-libs. I find that using mad-libs is a good way for students to apply their knowledge of Spanish grammar without them really realizing that they are working. For example, students need to be able to recognize that bonito is an adjective in order to be able to fill-in the blanks of the mad-lib. The main difference between the mad libs is that I wrote one for my Spanish one students and one for my Spanish two students. The second one contains vocabulary that is a bit more complex, and it expects students to use both the preterite and the imperfect ( I am always looking for ways to review these two concepts).  What are your favorite holiday activities?

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