viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012


Today has been a very difficult and sad day for any educator, parent, child care-giver, and anyone who cares that innocent souls have been taken without reason. I personally cannot imagine the pain of the teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary school, who worked with all of those beautiful children who are no longer with us. I absolutely hurt for the community and especially for the teachers because as a teacher, I come to appreciate and adore all of the sweet faces in my classroom, even in my most annoyed state, I still appreciate all of their personalities, the sassy ones, the caring ones, the students you know notice that you are tired, but don't say anything, the students who lead and really demonstrate what collaboration is to the other students, all of those personalities and more exist in my classroom, and so I just cannot imagine if someone walked into my classroom and stole all of those beautiful souls from me, from their parents, and from the world. While I generally try to keep this blog one hundred percent focused on the teaching and learning that occurs in my classroom, I just couldn't not acknowledge the sadness felt today.

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